A Need Is Not A Calling

For anyone who finds themselves feeling guilty from thoughts like, “I really should help them.” 🤦🏽‍♀️

Or, “I could make the time, even if it does cost me my self-care time.” 

Or even, “I can’t bear letting them down because they really want my help.” 😰

You don’t need my permission, but I’ll give it anyway: Snap out of it! 😁

As long as you think doing everything is up to you, you’ll give so much of yourself that you’ll burn both ends of that metaphorical candle. 🕯

AND you’ll create dread for the thing you don’t want to do.

AND you’ll create resentment and bitterness once you see what it truly costs you. 

And the tricky part is, you DID have the power to say no. 

👏👏👏 A need is NOT a calling. 👏👏👏

Fill your own cup first, and then fill others out of that abundance.

Thank you Dr. Henry Cloud for the reminder that we aren’t called to fix everyone else’s problems, dilemmas and needs. Now why weren’t you in my life 20 years ago? 😂