My Son Keeps Failing. He's Fallen at LEAST 500 times.

My son keeps failing. 😨

He’s freshly a year old, and he’s so cute. And super cuddly. And snuggly. He’s the best.

Except, he can’t walk properly.

He’ll stand up, take a few steps, and then fall down on his hands. Or his face. Or his knees.

He’s tried it at least 500 times, but it’s still not working. I’ve considered encouraging him to quit.

I’ve also considered telling him that “Walking just isn’t going to be your thing. Other people are more naturally skilled at it. Your uncle was walking at 6 months, and here you are a whole 6 months behind him. Maybe you should just be realistic and try another activity. You’re pretty good at eating. Maybe there’s a future in that.” 🍼

Or even, “You know, other children your age are already so far ahead of you. How are you going to “stand out” and “differentiate yourself” when you can hardly stand up? You’re just not good at it."

It just seems like the practical thing to do. The most loving thing to do; to help prevent him from further hurting himself physically.

Wait…WHAT?! 🤨

Thank GOD we learn to walk before we start diminishing our value based on how we learn new skills. Imagine if we didn’t learn to walk until we were 10. Oh the drama! Every time we fell down it would be…

"I’m not good enough! Everyone else is so much better than me! Why should I bother learning this? Everyone else is already doing it. I’ve fallen 3 times, flat on my face. I’m never going to get this. This just isn’t my thing. I’m not supposed to do this in my life."

Or if we waited to learn to walk when we were in our 20’s it might be…

“This isn’t God’s will for me. If it were, I wouldn’t have failed at this.” 🤦‍♀️

Or, “I wouldn’t be struggling so hard to learn it if it was God’s will for me. Since others are better at it, I shouldn’t even try at all.”

Or, "Everyone will see that I'm not good at this, and they're going to make fun of me. I can't stand being rejected and/or humiliated."

And yet there’s my snuggly, bubbly son. 😍 He’s learning a brand new skill. Developing motor skills, balance, resistance, stamina, persistence, grit. It’s so beautiful to watch.

And every time he falls, he does so with a HUGE grin because we are cheering him on.

He’s absolutely going to walk. We won’t accept anything else. HE isn’t accepting anything else. 🏃‍♂️

And he CERTAINLY isn’t making his falls mean ANYTHING about his worth as a person.

He is just learning. Enjoying the process. Not frustrated that he’s not further along than he thinks he should be, based on anybody else.

This is a challenge for me, because many times I've failed, I've made it mean ALL sorts of things about how I’m not good enough, or valuable enough, or worthy of love.

So today, I’m taking a lesson from my infant son. I hope you’re able to as well. 😍