"Difficult People" Don't Actually Exist...

DifficultPeople (1).png

What if there’s no such thing as difficult people?

What if there are only people we struggle to love unconditionally?

Any time I have decided that someone is being difficult, I have treated them negatively. With apathy, condescension, contempt or worse.

Blaming others for my own discomfort places me in the role of a victim - I’m helpless and in pain and it’s someone else’s fault.

But recognizing my own inability to connect in a loving way with someone, empowers me to do something about it.

I can then assess where I want to grow and how I can become a more loving and connected person.

When I choose to think of someone as amazing, I will intentionally look for the evidence of that. And it does exist, for every single human.

And thinking of someone as amazing, means that I won’t get into a war with them from my own inflated ego. I can lovingly accept them as they are, with all of their differences.

Because ultimately, life is all about relationships. And I want the canvas of my life to be full of all the amazing, colorful people with whom I cross paths. Everyone is included.

So yes, there is no such thing as difficult people.

Only people that I can choose to love unconditionally.