My Husband And I Are Complete Opposites

Of all the things I have told myself about my relationship with my husband, this sneaky thought has probably done the most damage.

It meant that we had nothing in common. Not even in a yin, yang complementary way. More like polar opposites.

And this thinking meant that we were never going to agree. That we would never find common ground. Doomed to repeat the same irritating arguments for the rest of our lives. 

Because I was constantly telling myself, “we’re complete opposites,” I was always looking for, and finding the evidence to support that. And it was EVERYWHERE.

It turns out, I was believing a lie. What a relief! We’re not complete opposites. There is actually a great deal that we do agree on, and enjoy together! YAY! 

Once I started looking for the ways that we are unified, and compliment each other, my marriage started to dramatically improve, and in ways I didn’t even plan for.

The first four years of my marriage were highlighted with suffering that I created, or made worse. This last year has been me, falling in love with him all over again. And it’s amazing. 

For a marriage to improve, all it takes is ONE person making an investment into their mental and emotional health; to consistently dedicate time to change the way they approach their relationship.

It’s truly the most rewarding work we can do for ourselves. And it’s my great honor to offer this to my clients.