Unconditional Love

Doesn’t unconditional love feel amazing?

Whether directed inwardly, where you speak kind things to yourself (especially during those times you act less than your best,)

...directed outwardly toward others (especially when they’re not acting their best either)

...it just feels wonderful.

Like a breath of fresh, clean ocean air.

Deciding to love unconditionally is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. And of course for others, but you’re the one who lives with you.

You’re the one who gets to live the benefits. A full heart. Peace. Joy. Contentment.

Unconditional love sets you free to be authentically, unapologetically, joyfully you.

Truly, the times when we don’t want to offer unconditional love is the time we need to the most.

And that’s the time it makes the biggest impact.

When I seek to prove myself right, I’m choosing not to love.

When I’m in a heated debate, I’m choosing not to love.

When I choose not to understand “those” people, I’m choosing not to love.

When I choose to say decisive things, I’m choosing not to love.

All the years that I took pride in my opinions, decisive as they were, I was choosing not to love.

And it SEEMED like it was appropriate, (being right is tricky like that) but it was actually indulgent. It eventually turned into me despising beautiful and amazing people.

And now that I’ve experienced unconditional love, and how gloriously breathtaking it is, I’ll never go back to being “right” about everything.

Living without depression, anxiety and needless suffering is ABSOLUTELY worth it.

Now I seek to learn. From everyone I’m around. From every experience I’m presented with.

And it feels incredible.

So today, love. Without condition. Just because you can.

It will change your life.