You Are Enough. Period.

Have you ever looked at a newborn baby and thought, “Bleh. They’re really screwed up. They shouldn’t have been born. What a waste.”

Of course not!

Babies are born absolutely perfect! 😍 They’re flawless. Their value can’t even be touched. They’re worthy because they exist. Just as they are.

At what point do we start to diminish our own value? When do we start deciding we’re not good enough? Pretty enough? Strong enough? Buff enough? Intelligent enough? Popular enough? Funny enough? Or even lovable?

Perhaps you imagine your value is tied to other people’s opinions of you. For years, mine was. 😱

If someone was disappointed in me, I thought, “I’ve failed. I’m not good enough.”

Or walking into a room of peers, I would immediately begin to panic and think, “What if they don’t like me? What if they think I’m stupid? Or dull? Or a goody-two-shoes?”

But what if our true value can’t be diminished by negative thoughts about our self-worth?

What if we’re already enough? What if we’re already worthy?

I had a brilliant client this week describe it this way… that she felt like her value was a light, and her negative opinions of herself were blankets that she threw on top of the light, and because she couldn’t see the light, it proved it wasn’t there. In essence, she would never measure up because she couldn’t believe in her own value. 🌹

I’m on a mission to take those metaphorical suffocating blankets off of people.

So maybe you can’t jump from, “I’m awful” to “I’m amazing!” That’s OK!

Let’s just start with these thoughts;

❤️ What if I AM worthy of love, flaws and all?

❤️ What if I AM enough, WITH all my imperfections?

Think of yourself as a little baby, and realize that NOTHING has changed.

No matter what you’ve done. Who you’ve hurt. How you’ve acted. All the times you’ve hidden your most shameful secret. How often you’ve pretended you’ve done all the right things.

🙌 You Are Enough. You Are Worthy. Period. 🙌

And even YOU can’t take away your worthiness with negative thoughts. You’re not that powerful.

You are enough because you exist. 

Go have a beautiful day. ❤️