Constantly Saying Yes To Others Is Saying NO To You

I’ve fallen in this trap more times than I could even tell you. It once was as normal as breathing.

Someone presents you with a need, a request, an expectation, a demand - anything they desire you to do.

And it sounds like such a noble idea. And you really like being needed. And doing something helpful makes you feel included. And loved. And appreciated.

Especially when they tell you things like, “I’m just so overwhelmed. I need you desperately.”

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Honoring Others and Approval Addictions

It is possible to be considerate and say “no” to someone else.

It is also possible to be well-mannered and politely decline their offer, request, or even their demand.

It’s not people’s expectations that are the problem. It’s our addiction to having their approval that’s the real issue.

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I Didn't Cut My Hair Until I Was 30: My Journey Into Authenticity

Inauthenticity can be linked to so many flavors of unnecessary emotional suffering. For me, living a lie cost me my emotional stability. I couldn’t imagine myself living happily with my own choices, outside of the approval of others. I didn’t trust my judgment, my own decisions. But now, things couldn’t be more different.

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