Are you merely surviving life?

Trying to make it through another day without an emotional breakdown?

Do you think, “There’s got to be a better way to do life!

If so, I’ve got great news.

There is.


“Your best life is waiting on you.”


My name is Meagan Bunner and I was that woman. I was so overwhelmed with everything around me. I was in a marriage that I regretted, constantly frustrated with my child, unhappy with my job, and I wished I could somehow escape. Having recently moved, my friendships were virtually nonexistent. I felt I couldn’t be honest with my family about the war inside my mind, so those relationships were strained as well. I had no idea who I was and what I was supposed to do in this world. My relationship with God was very confusing. I had read that he was trustworthy, but I knew deep down I didn’t trust him. I had struggled as a people pleaser and an approval addict my entire life, but suddenly the pain of that was becoming far too great. Wanting to be free from all the pain, I ate terribly. Eating sweets seemed like freedom, but that only served to make me physically drained. I was looking for an escape, but there were no easy solutions. My backup plan to open a shaved ice stand in the Caribbean didn’t amuse my husband. I had regret on top of regret, and was so unhappy with my life. I was a mess.


Things couldn’t be more different now.

I have a thriving relationship with my husband, with whom I have fallen madly back in love. I have learned the truth about my Creator and am living the benefits of a loving relationship with him. I have learned about healthy boundaries, and how to utilize them, and now have enormously fulfilling relationships with my extended family. I no longer yell at my children or handle them roughly, and am able to respond thoughtfully to conflict. I’m proud of most of the parenting decisions I now make. I’ve learned to love myself, and how to love other people unconditionally. I’m energized by my purpose in this world, and how I can contribute to make a difference in other people’s lives. I’m no longer a people pleaser or an approval addict. I make choices based on what is best for me, and how my family will be supported. I’m even eating in a stress-free way that supports my body, my emotional health, and our budget. 

A few years ago, none of this seemed remotely possible. And yet here I am. 

The life I lived before was marked by unnecessary pain, confusion, frustration, anxiety, worry and doubt. The life I’m now living understands the purpose in pain, and is able to push past fear, rejection, other people’s limits and expectations, into complete vulnerability and transparency. Now past the pain, I’m planning, building, creating and enjoying the heck out of life. I’m truly thriving, and I’ve never been more excited about my future.

I’ve been where you are, and know how to get you unstuck.

It is my great honor to walk others along this same journey. For me, there is no more rewarding work than to coach people out of hopelessness into thriving, abundant lives. As your coach, I deeply understand how despair can make us feel all sorts of horrible, and it is a privilege for me to bring you not only to feeling neutral about your past and current life, but peaceful. Helping you unlock your dreams. Discover your life’s purpose. To see how you were built to make a difference in the lives of others. I’ve done the hard work to get there, so you don’t have to struggle like I did. No matter how uncomfortable your past may be, the decisions you regret, the pain you’ve experienced, or perhaps inflicted; I’ve got you. There’s nothing I can’t handle; and there’s nothing that you can’t overcome. With every obstacle, there is an equivalent advantage - and that’s my privilege to show you.

What our sessions will look like…

Our weekly sessions together will be held on the phone. This allows us to meet from anywhere in the world, and also for you to remain in your thoughts during our call. While we’re together, you’ll be in a distraction-free place, allowing you to focus deeply on what we’re discussing. Coaching is deep work, and is best experienced with your full attention. Think of it as a massage - like a treat-yourself day. The insights you’ll gain will astound you, and when you do the work, you’ll gain incredible results. This work will blow your mind. You won’t be able to look at life the same way again.

So, let’s chat!

Your next step in us working together is to contact me for a consult. We will discuss your current life, your pain points and the things you’ve been struggling to improve on your own without success. We’ll discuss what results you want to achieve, how you want to show up in relationships and what a best-case scenario looks like for you. We’ll see how I can fill in the blanks for your life, and show you the exact steps you need to take to make the big changes you desire. You’ll leave this call knowing why you’re where you are, how you can get to your desired results, and how coaching is that missing link. And if we decide that we’re a good fit together, we’ll proceed! Coaching truly is life changing. Let this work blow your mind. Your life is waiting.